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About Me

I'm a spiritual care practitioner and artist facilitating meaning-making and connection at the intersection of art, spirituality, and ecology. 

My art, theology, and care practice is grounded in a calling to support living into ways of relating--with ourselves, each other, our communities, the sacred, and this wild, beauty world--that help us feel more alive and deeply at home together.


Inspired by my own ongoing journey towards wholeness, I am driven by the conviction that each of us already has a deep knowing of the way, but we are also not meant to go it alone

My practice is based on an ecological approach: I believe that integration and alignment with our own values, purpose, and longings allows for collective wholeness, justice, and transformation. 


There a many paths to healing, and I'm honored to accompany and support others as they live into their own wisdom and becoming through relationships, everyday life, and big decisions, conflicts, and changes.

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I am currently completing a supervised Spiritual Direction apprenticeship program, and I am seeking new directees for virtual and in-person sessions.


I am also in the process of being Certified as a Somatic Practitioner, and welcome Spiritual Direction clients interested in creative embodied practice

Additionally, I offer one-time or ongoing Discernment and Care sessions for activists and affinity groups. Learn more about these offerings here or reach out directly. 

inhabit your body, relationships, and ecosystems more fully and freely.

What I offer
Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice of contemplative accompaniment and support with living into alignment with whatever matters most to you: your core values, sense of sacred, Nature, "something more," the Divine, Spirit, God, Higher Self, source of creativity, or some dynamic mingling of these concepts.

Spiritual Direction is for anyone seeking to live a grounded, meaningful life in this changing world. 

Somatic Relationship Coaching

As theologian John Thataminal writes, "to be is to be in relation."


We are formed and exist through interactions and relationships with our own being and body, our physical environment, culture, caregivers, friends, beloveds, non-humans, and Spirit/God.


Somatic attachment therapy is about moving through stuck patterns of relating and cultivating embodied practices that support a sense of security and resilience in moving towards intimacy, flow, and wholeness in relationships with ourselves, romantic partners, beloveds, co-workers, communities, and ecosystems.

Discernment, Care, Consultation for Activists and Community Leaders

Individuals, communities, and organizations seeking to shape positive change face a unique and complicated constellation of challenges in trying to create a just world while still living within systems of injustice. 


I offer space to reflect, renew, and reconnect to deeper intentions amidst the urgency and demands of change-work, including:

  • Discernment and Care for activists for affinity groups

  • Consultation for Community Leaders in arts, faith, organizing, and spirituality spaces

  • Navigating conflicts and structural stuckness

  • Facilitating values clarification, visioning

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