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About Me

I am a queer, interdisciplinary artist, spiritual care practitioner and activist facilitating meaning-making and healing at the intersection of art, spirituality, and ecology. 


Dwelling in a lineage of Christian mystics, I am moved by an obsession with relationships, repair, home, memory, messes, intimacy, and tradition. I delight in collaborating with humans, landscapes, and other beings to imagine multispecies ecosystems adapting to a changing climate. My art, theology, and care practice are grounded in a calling to support living into ways of relating--with ourselves, each other, our communities, the sacred, and this wild, beauty world--that help us feel more alive and deeply at home together.


I am a born, raised, and rooted Midwesterner in love with prairies, rivers, oak savannas, and especially wooded wetlands and all the critters dwelling in the muck. I currently live in South Minneapolis with my partner and my cat Shrimp in a multigenerational cooperative house. I spend my time making and sharing food, singing with friends, kitchen dancing, daydreaming, and taking long walks in my neighborhood and the woods. 


Inspired by my own ongoing journey towards wholeness, I am driven by the conviction that each of us already has a deep knowing of the way, but we are also not meant to go it alone. My practice is based on an ecological approach: I believe that alignment with our own values, purpose, and longings allows for collective wholeness, justice, and transformation. 


There a many paths to healing, and I'm honored to accompany and support others as they live into their own wisdom and becoming through relationships, everyday life, and big decisions, conflicts, and changes.

Core Values

Presence as Radical Hospitality  


Process, Care, & Repair over Productivity or Outcome

Bodies and Imaginations are Sacred Space 

Play, Pleasure, and Rest Matter 

Mess and Mistakes are Necessary 

Nature is Sacred; We are Nature; We are Sacred 

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