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My Approach

We are an ecosystem 

"to be is to be in relation."

-John Thataminal, Theologian

My approach is fundamentally ecological. I've always been fascinated with the myriad relationships and connections between and across beings, time, and place. My initial studies and career in ecology broadened to include more of the human, psycho-spiritual, cultural, and imaginational realms and systems.

I draw from a Systems-based Social Justice lens and Family Systems theory to help illuminate the ways early relationships shaped how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world today. We then work together to find practices, entry points, myths and stories, images, and other resources that help integrate our experience and create more space for security, agency, and meaning-making as a differentiated yet interconnected self.


These embodied, arts-based practices include Expressive Arts modalities, InterPlay, poetry, Somatics, Guided meditations, nature-based practices, creative movement, ritual, contemplative practice and mindfulness, and spiritual practices and prayer depending on what resonates with you. 

Staying with the Trouble: An Ethic of Care and Repair


“We need the normal messiness in order to learn to trust each other....We need mismatch because without it we cannot experience repair...And repair, they say, is food for the soul: Repair leads to a feeling of pleasure, trust, and security, the implicit knowledge that I, we, can overcome problems.”

- Claudia M. Gold ,MD and Ed Tronick, PhD from Power of Discord: Why The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships Are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust


"I want to make a critical and joyful fuss about these matters. I want to stay with the trouble, and the only way I know to do that is in generative joy, terror, and collective thinking."         


 -Donna Haraway

In this moment of social and ecological reckoning, we are swimming in an anxiety-fueled culture. We live in fear of being cancelled and overwhelmed by the reality of climate change and racialized violence. I am committed to creating a space of radical hospitality for you and your messy, complex self as you are. 

We are not problems to be fixed or cancelled. My practice is based on the understanding that conflict, mismatch, and mistakes are necessary experiences for reaching the pleasure of repair, intimacy, and resilience in our relationships with ourselves, beloved, communities, and earth.


We will work together to find your authentic movements in the dance from discord to connection and increase tolerance for the discomfort inevitable in this journey towards relational wholeness.

Education, Training, Affiliations


  • Master of Divinity, Theology & the Arts Graduate: Training in Spiritual Care and Formation, Discernment, Ritual, Arts and creative process

  • Spiritual Director Apprentice, in Supervision 

  • Member, Spiritual Director International

  • Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate, in process

  • Sex Educator: Certified Our Whole Lives instructor, 50+ hours sexual health, sexuality, education training

  • Certified Relational Facilitator, Zeidler Center 

  • Fellowship with Arts Religion Culture 2020-21 

  • Trained Crisis Counselor and Support Group Facilitator, Domestic Abuse Intervention Services 

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