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becoming home: embodied, ecological creating, relating, and leading.


I currently offer Spiritual Direction and Discernment, Care, and Consultation for Activists and Community Leaders. These modes are also overlapping by nature, and I am happy to tailor sessions based on your needs. 


I offer the option to incorporate Somatic awareness and practice into all my sessions and will begin offering Somatic Attachment Therapy sessions later this year at completion of my certification. 


See below for more on all of these offerings. 

Frequency + Rates

Spiritual Direction sessions can be 1-2 times a month.

Discernment, Care, and Consultation sessions can be one-time or ongoing on a weekly, every other week, or monthly basis. 

I use a sliding scale fee-for-service model to maximize flexibility and agency in determining the arrangement that meets your needs. 

Sessions are $45 - 60 while in Supervision. Rates subject to change, I am open to trades.

If we decided to work together, we will discern together the nature, frequency, and payment that fit best. 

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice of contemplative accompaniment and support with living into alignment with whatever matters most to you: your core values, sense of sacred, Nature, "something more," the Divine, Spirit, God, Higher Self, source of creativity, or some dynamic mingling of these concepts.

Spiritual Direction is for anyone seeking to live a grounded, meaningful life in this changing world. 

In a session, we listen together to what helps you feel more whole, connected, and alive and source support for becoming more of who you really are through change and challenges. This practice is not therapy, but compliments and can help integrate other modalities such as psychotherapy or bodywork. 


Spiritual Direction can include...

  • inspiration and support cultivating spiritual and creative/arts practice;

  • connecting with your roots and ancestors: land, water, nature, spiritual lineage, histories;

  • navigating and growing through important decisions and transitions;

  • discerning vocation and purpose in the larger ecosystem;

  • authentically inhabiting relationships and communal life;

  • cultivating meaning in the everyday and through crisis and challenge. 

This practice can also support deconstructing old ways of relating to God/the sacred, healing spiritual trauma and/or estrangement, wrestling with one's current beliefs, or exploring new aspects of religious and spiritual life.

Spiritual direction is rooted in Christian history and tradition, though in practice serves and supports any belief system, theological framework, tradition or lack thereof. I have most experience working with those who might identify as spiritual but not religious, religious but not spiritual, seekers, creatives, Unitarian Universalists, Progressive Christians, and those with Nature-based spiritualities, but am excited to work with anyone whose values and vibe feels like a good fit for both of us.

My own Spiritual lineage is Christian, though I also consider Unitarian Universalism a religious homebase and feel most at home in interfaith, arts-based community. I was raised in the ELCA Lutheran church, but have since reconnected with my Italian Catholic heritage. I am connected with the Catholic Worker Movement and draw inspiration from Christian contemplative tradition and mystics such as St. Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, and Hildegard von Bingen.

Book a free consultation to find out more.

Somatic Attachment Therapy
Somatic Relationship Coaching

As theologian John Thataminal writes, "to be is to be in relation."


We are formed and exist through interactions and relationships with our own being and body, our physical environment, culture, caregivers, friends, beloveds, non-humans, Spirit/God/sense of sacred, and even our dreams, memories, and images we encounter.


These relationships form patterns of attachment and relationship that live in our entangled mind-imagination-body: our gestures, stress responses, posture, movements, habits, and thought patterns. Depending on what our early and ongoing experiences of relationship were like, our patterns might get stuck in anxious or avoidant ways of being. 


Somatic coaching is about moving through those stuck patterns and cultivating embodied practices that support a sense of security and resilience in moving towards intimacy, flow, and wholeness in relationships with ourselves, romantic partners, beloveds, co-workers, communities, and ecosystems.


This holistic approach is an integration of Western psychology, trauma-informed care, mindfulness and contemplative practice, expressive arts, and other somatic modalities. Somatic coaching is not psychotherapy, but does compliment this and other more conventional approaches. 


I am currently in training to be Certified as a Somatic Practitioner through The Embody Lab. I offer relationship coaching and integrate embodied practice as part of my Spiritual Direction. 

Book a free consultation to find out more.

Discernment, Care, Consultation
Discernment, Care, and Consultation for Activists, Community Leaders , and Care Providers 

"I want to make a critical and joyful fuss about these matters. I want to stay with the trouble, and the only way I know to do that is in generative joy, terror, and collective thinking."

 -Donna Haraway

Drawing from my own experiences in frontline activism, spiritual communities, and mission-driven nonprofit leadership, I have found that individuals, communities, and organizations seeking to shape positive change face a unique and complicated constellation of challenges in trying to create a just world while still living within systems of injustice. 

Deep down, we know that how we relate and create with each other is as important as what we do or accomplish. I have found that the sense of urgency and scarcity of time and resources common in movement, church/spiritual community, and nonprofit spaces rarely allows for the reflection, renewal, and discernment required to live into our commitments to practice what we preach. This includes supporting our own wellbeing as part of how we serve others. 

No leader or change-maker should have to navigate the inevitable conflicts and challenges of community building and organizing. I meet with individuals, leadership teams, or facilitate discernment sessions for groups on a one-time or ongoing basis depending on needs. 


I am here to confidentially... 


  • Navigate specific case studies and interpersonal or communal conflict

  • Discernment + Care sessions for individuals and affinity groups trying to decide how and whether to participate in direct actions

  • Coach and support Facilitators, Community builders, and Faith Leaders through transitions, burnout, decision-making

  • Address ongoing structural stuckness through systems and root cause analysis

  • Facilitate Values clarification and Visioning for collectives/co-ops, faith communities, nonprofits, any community of practice, purpose & place

Who is a Community Leader?

Leadership as a change-maker and community builder shows up in many roles and spaces:

community song leaders; therapists and social workers; bodyworkers; doulas; community gardens managers; climate/social justice community organizers; community-focused artists; directors and leaders of local art spaces and projects, etc. 

As a queer, white bodied, cis-gendered woman, I strive to continue my unlearning ways of relating to myself, others, and non-humans that have been conditioned by colonial legacies, white supremacy culture, Christian hegemony, and neoliberal capitalism. My work is rooted in what I have learned through slow, relational training and process, including interfaith and indigenous-led climate justice movements, coalitional racial justice work, and healing my own somatic trauma. 

Book a free consultation to find out more.

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